Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 6

These are the current fixes and updates for upcoming BETA Weekend 6. We are still working on some additions:

New Feature:
Added AI Bots (Version 0.10) - Due to popular demand through the survey results, bots was the top requested feature you wanted included in AMF, so here you go! 
The team has worked hard this week and are pleased to deliver the brand new Bots play mode as promised (Early Version). Please note that this is nowhere near finished and just the beginning! :) 

How to start a BOT game:
1) Start a game using the “Classic” (All Weapons) game play mode with 2, 4, 6 or 8 players on either TDM or DM
2) Bots will spawn accordingly once you pull both triggers with the menu open to Start the Game. Players are still free to chat and wait for others to join without the bots before then.
3) If a new player hops into the server, he will replace one of the bots. 

Current limitations:

  • Bots are currently available on ALL maps except for Dock, Ruins and Dugouts. 
  • Bots are currently available in Classic mode only (not available for Pistol/Knife or Knife-Only modes).
  • Bots’ kill scores will not show on the scoreboard; only players’ scores will show
  • The difficulty level is currently set to “Standard"; different levels will be coming soon.
  • Look forward to more bot features as we continue to improve the game!


  • Further increased network stability for login and reduced chance of dropout during games
  • Fixed Respawning issue in Prison and Dock maps
  • Blood Effects increased
  • Fixed some movement animations

Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 5

Hi Guys,

The team has been hard at work again this week and looking forward to seeing everybody for BETA WEEKEND 5!

Here are the patch notes and hotfixes for this weekend:


  • Further increased network stability for login and reduced chance of dropout during games
  • Fixed Respawning issue in Prison and Dock maps
  • Hand no longer gets stuck if dragging through walls
  • Blood Effects increased
  • Yes / No selection added to Ending Room to prevent accidental quitting
  • Added Full Gun Stock Support; players should notice that gun smoothing for stock players has been dramatically reduced. The option is now available in the lobby back wall.

Added Knife only and Pistol / Knife only Game Modes to ALL Maps; pls note the new selection is available on the Map Selection menu. Map selection has now been moved to the top instead.


  • Knives can now be flipped around to a horizontal slashing grip position! This should allow slashing to be more effective in combat. While holding the knife, press PAD DOWN to switch to this stance. 
  • Smoke Grenades are now available, a helpful weapon to use when running for cover or creating a distraction. You may select it from the Lobby before joining a game.

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Adios, My Friends! 

Team Alpha Mike

Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 4

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 4:


  • Server Stability performance upgrades
  • Twitching animation due to synchronization upgraded 
  • Server Country selection moved into Lobby for easy switching
  • New, more accurate Set Height Menu now includes Enter Your Own Height
  • Headlock control option removed; now all movement will be non-headlock
  • Body respawning into control console in lobby fixed
  • Respawning inside another person’s avatar fixed
  • Haptic feedback added when touching buttons in lobby
  • New Walk animation
  • New Run animation
  • Doppelganger effect fixed
  • Lobby 1v1 - 4v4 changed to 2,4,6,8 players menu
  • Kill Feed moved to upper left corner to prevent blocking view; also added UI Curving
  • Number of people and Host icon moved to top right corner of in-game view


  • Added Grip to Grab Foregrip function (Selection in Lobby), predominantly for gun stock users
  • Walking and Running sound volumes reduced
  • Leaning, walking hand back >90 degrees causes avatar to walk backwards
  • Knives should be easier to grab now

Knife Mechanics:

  • NEW Knife mechanics to bring out the Wolverine in you & reduce kill trading!
  • Knife physics now include Stab, Slash, Throw
  • Running and Stabbing only reduces health by 20% per knife 
  • Stabbing requires 5 hits to kill
  • Slashing deducts damage depending how much of the enemy body is slashed; each area 20% damage; double the damage with 2 knives
  • Throwing does the most damage; landing 2 knives to the body kills the enemy, 1 to the head
  • Stabbing, Slashing, Throwing a knife to the head is an instant kill

Gun Mechanics:

  • Reduced Weapon Smoothing to match forehand, predominantly for gun stock users
  • Weapon floating in front when avatar respawns due to quick grabbing fixed
  • Kriss Vector rebalancing
  • Sniper Gun Zeroing Fixed
  • PDR graphics look less cartoonish
  • Pistol on back graphics fixed
  • Holosight red circle profile lines reduced on SMG, PDR, Sci-Fi
  • Grenade damage increased 20%


  • Added running and falling off edges in Hanger
  • Added running and falling off edges in Hanger AfterDark
  • Added running and falling off edges in Slum (WIP)
  • Added running and falling off edges in Ruins
  • New Cars added in City 
  • New Cars added in City Nightfall

Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 3

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 3:


  • Games in Progress will still show on the Server Menu
  • Reduced Explosion sound volume and made it directional
  • Confetti in Ending Room reduced to 1 min


  • Pickup weapon is now Trigger only; Holster is Grip
  • Moved knife out a bit to prevent accidental grab while reloading
  • Moved Grenade out a bit to prevent accidental grab while reloading
  • Crouch Walking no longer generates footstep sounds
  • Pistol is now located on your back for easy access; you may grab with either hand; ducking and grabbing pistol now should be a blast

Gun Mechanics:

  • Improved Rear Sight alignment with eye when ADS and Panning (WIP)
  • Improved Red Dot and Holosight moving while aiming
  • Sniper Rifle reduced to 7 Rounds
  • Sniper Rifle increase damage: 2 shots to body, 1 to head
  • Sniper Rifle rate of fire increased 20%
  • Sniper Rifle scope showing up as daytime on night maps fixed
  • Pistol recoil increased
  • Pistol sights will remain green as intended in all lighting conditions
  • Kriss Vector recoil increased
  • SMG recoil reduced
  • Sci-Fi gun removed rear iron sight for clearer sight picture / aiming
  • Increased speed of Magazine respawning while reloading
  • Grenade, increased AOE 20%
  • Grenade, decreased explosion timer by 1 second


  • Dock Map falling out of window bug fixed
  • Hangar Map falling through wall bug fixed
  • Prison falling off bridge bug fixed
  • City Nightfall map lighting increased for better playability
  • Increased respawn points for deathmatch up to 8
  • Increased respawn points for TDM up to 3 per team
  • Dugouts map (Grenades Only) round time reduced to 4 minutes

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Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 2

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 2:


  • Increased Server Login Stability
  • Increased Voice Chat Stability
  • Add in “preliminary” Hop In Hop Out of Game Function; scores may not be correct
  • Double Trigger to Start game now needs Confirmation
  • Wording on Join a Game menu screen updated to reflect actual status instead of “No Games in Progress”


  • Double Tap Pad to Run added; Grip to Run removed
  • Grip buttons are now grab rifle, holster rifle
  • Grip buttons are now grab pistol, holster pistol
  • Grip button will now release foregrip hand
  • Magazine quick release is now Pad Down on shooting hand

Gun Mechanics:

  • All Rifles recoil significantly reduced for both single and dual-handed shooting
  • Foregrip hand no longer auto-releases when you look left and point right
  • Auto-release foregrip removed (for now); must press grip to release
  • Increased motion smoothing and reduced “gun floating”


  • In TDM mode, Multiple Respawn Points and random respawn location added to every map to prevent Spawn Camping
  • Fixed Blurriness / Glow of Menus in Slum map
  • Fixed Slum map ending room being too dark
  • Fixed Crown position on Winner’s profile picture to be straight
  • Fixed Crown logo on Winner to be seen by all players
  • Lowered brightness of Training Grounds map

Attention all Press & Media: please get in touch with us if you are interested in reviewing AMF

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