Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 2

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 2:


  • Increased Server Login Stability
  • Increased Voice Chat Stability
  • Add in “preliminary” Hop In Hop Out of Game Function; scores may not be correct
  • Double Trigger to Start game now needs Confirmation
  • Wording on Join a Game menu screen updated to reflect actual status instead of “No Games in Progress”


  • Double Tap Pad to Run added; Grip to Run removed
  • Grip buttons are now grab rifle, holster rifle
  • Grip buttons are now grab pistol, holster pistol
  • Grip button will now release foregrip hand
  • Magazine quick release is now Pad Down on shooting hand

Gun Mechanics:

  • All Rifles recoil significantly reduced for both single and dual-handed shooting
  • Foregrip hand no longer auto-releases when you look left and point right
  • Auto-release foregrip removed (for now); must press grip to release
  • Increased motion smoothing and reduced “gun floating”


  • In TDM mode, Multiple Respawn Points and random respawn location added to every map to prevent Spawn Camping
  • Fixed Blurriness / Glow of Menus in Slum map
  • Fixed Slum map ending room being too dark
  • Fixed Crown position on Winner’s profile picture to be straight
  • Fixed Crown logo on Winner to be seen by all players
  • Lowered brightness of Training Grounds map