Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 3

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 3:


  • Games in Progress will still show on the Server Menu
  • Reduced Explosion sound volume and made it directional
  • Confetti in Ending Room reduced to 1 min


  • Pickup weapon is now Trigger only; Holster is Grip
  • Moved knife out a bit to prevent accidental grab while reloading
  • Moved Grenade out a bit to prevent accidental grab while reloading
  • Crouch Walking no longer generates footstep sounds
  • Pistol is now located on your back for easy access; you may grab with either hand; ducking and grabbing pistol now should be a blast

Gun Mechanics:

  • Improved Rear Sight alignment with eye when ADS and Panning (WIP)
  • Improved Red Dot and Holosight moving while aiming
  • Sniper Rifle reduced to 7 Rounds
  • Sniper Rifle increase damage: 2 shots to body, 1 to head
  • Sniper Rifle rate of fire increased 20%
  • Sniper Rifle scope showing up as daytime on night maps fixed
  • Pistol recoil increased
  • Pistol sights will remain green as intended in all lighting conditions
  • Kriss Vector recoil increased
  • SMG recoil reduced
  • Sci-Fi gun removed rear iron sight for clearer sight picture / aiming
  • Increased speed of Magazine respawning while reloading
  • Grenade, increased AOE 20%
  • Grenade, decreased explosion timer by 1 second


  • Dock Map falling out of window bug fixed
  • Hangar Map falling through wall bug fixed
  • Prison falling off bridge bug fixed
  • City Nightfall map lighting increased for better playability
  • Increased respawn points for deathmatch up to 8
  • Increased respawn points for TDM up to 3 per team
  • Dugouts map (Grenades Only) round time reduced to 4 minutes

For those of you who have not joined our BETA Testing weekends yet, here is your chance to sign up or refer your friends:

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