Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 4

These are the current fixes and updates for our upcoming BETA Weekend 4:


  • Server Stability performance upgrades
  • Twitching animation due to synchronization upgraded 
  • Server Country selection moved into Lobby for easy switching
  • New, more accurate Set Height Menu now includes Enter Your Own Height
  • Headlock control option removed; now all movement will be non-headlock
  • Body respawning into control console in lobby fixed
  • Respawning inside another person’s avatar fixed
  • Haptic feedback added when touching buttons in lobby
  • New Walk animation
  • New Run animation
  • Doppelganger effect fixed
  • Lobby 1v1 - 4v4 changed to 2,4,6,8 players menu
  • Kill Feed moved to upper left corner to prevent blocking view; also added UI Curving
  • Number of people and Host icon moved to top right corner of in-game view


  • Added Grip to Grab Foregrip function (Selection in Lobby), predominantly for gun stock users
  • Walking and Running sound volumes reduced
  • Leaning, walking hand back >90 degrees causes avatar to walk backwards
  • Knives should be easier to grab now

Knife Mechanics:

  • NEW Knife mechanics to bring out the Wolverine in you & reduce kill trading!
  • Knife physics now include Stab, Slash, Throw
  • Running and Stabbing only reduces health by 20% per knife 
  • Stabbing requires 5 hits to kill
  • Slashing deducts damage depending how much of the enemy body is slashed; each area 20% damage; double the damage with 2 knives
  • Throwing does the most damage; landing 2 knives to the body kills the enemy, 1 to the head
  • Stabbing, Slashing, Throwing a knife to the head is an instant kill

Gun Mechanics:

  • Reduced Weapon Smoothing to match forehand, predominantly for gun stock users
  • Weapon floating in front when avatar respawns due to quick grabbing fixed
  • Kriss Vector rebalancing
  • Sniper Gun Zeroing Fixed
  • PDR graphics look less cartoonish
  • Pistol on back graphics fixed
  • Holosight red circle profile lines reduced on SMG, PDR, Sci-Fi
  • Grenade damage increased 20%


  • Added running and falling off edges in Hanger
  • Added running and falling off edges in Hanger AfterDark
  • Added running and falling off edges in Slum (WIP)
  • Added running and falling off edges in Ruins
  • New Cars added in City 
  • New Cars added in City Nightfall