Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 5

Hi Guys,

The team has been hard at work again this week and looking forward to seeing everybody for BETA WEEKEND 5!

Here are the patch notes and hotfixes for this weekend:


  • Further increased network stability for login and reduced chance of dropout during games
  • Fixed Respawning issue in Prison and Dock maps
  • Hand no longer gets stuck if dragging through walls
  • Blood Effects increased
  • Yes / No selection added to Ending Room to prevent accidental quitting
  • Added Full Gun Stock Support; players should notice that gun smoothing for stock players has been dramatically reduced. The option is now available in the lobby back wall.

Added Knife only and Pistol / Knife only Game Modes to ALL Maps; pls note the new selection is available on the Map Selection menu. Map selection has now been moved to the top instead.


  • Knives can now be flipped around to a horizontal slashing grip position! This should allow slashing to be more effective in combat. While holding the knife, press PAD DOWN to switch to this stance. 
  • Smoke Grenades are now available, a helpful weapon to use when running for cover or creating a distraction. You may select it from the Lobby before joining a game.

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Adios, My Friends! 

Team Alpha Mike