Patch Notes for BETA Weekend 6

These are the current fixes and updates for upcoming BETA Weekend 6. We are still working on some additions:

New Feature:
Added AI Bots (Version 0.10) - Due to popular demand through the survey results, bots was the top requested feature you wanted included in AMF, so here you go! 
The team has worked hard this week and are pleased to deliver the brand new Bots play mode as promised (Early Version). Please note that this is nowhere near finished and just the beginning! :) 

How to start a BOT game:
1) Start a game using the “Classic” (All Weapons) game play mode with 2, 4, 6 or 8 players on either TDM or DM
2) Bots will spawn accordingly once you pull both triggers with the menu open to Start the Game. Players are still free to chat and wait for others to join without the bots before then.
3) If a new player hops into the server, he will replace one of the bots. 

Current limitations:

  • Bots are currently available on ALL maps except for Dock, Ruins and Dugouts. 
  • Bots are currently available in Classic mode only (not available for Pistol/Knife or Knife-Only modes).
  • Bots’ kill scores will not show on the scoreboard; only players’ scores will show
  • The difficulty level is currently set to “Standard"; different levels will be coming soon.
  • Look forward to more bot features as we continue to improve the game!


  • Further increased network stability for login and reduced chance of dropout during games
  • Fixed Respawning issue in Prison and Dock maps
  • Blood Effects increased
  • Fixed some movement animations